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More Hunter Fiascoes and Dumb Mistakes
The Evil Handmaiden: Hunting season approached. The lust of a new gun grew. Last year’s muzzleloader must be replaced. Cory’s friend bought a thousand-dollar new handmaiden wonder and asked him to go to the firing range to try it. The first deafening shot brought the indoor range attendees to attention, wondering what was going on with the canon roar and profuse smoke. The second (last) blast was agonizing. The breech had exploded and mangled John’s hand. Cory carted John off to the emergency room, where most of his hand was salvaged (at probably mega-expense.) Days later when things calmed down, Cory asked John how much powder he used at the range. “I’m not sure, but I put in extra because I want a muzzle loader that can shoot 300 yards where I more commonly see elk.”