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Contacts and Referrals
Mail: Groth Geochemistry Services, Inc 13518 West Alaska Drive Lakewood (west Denver) Colorado 80228 Email : elkbook@centurylink.net We do not ordinarily refer hunters to outfitters. There are really great established businesses, and some which are constantly in a flux with hired help, changing goals, and varying services types. When outfitters retire, the new owners of Forest Service permits may have adjustment years as they learn the ropes and get familiar with the hunting conditions in an unfamiliar area. We find it is better to keep out of the referral business, since we can not keep up with and fairly evaluate many businesses. We do have high esteem for the Trappers Lake Lodge group. It has been successfully in the business a long time and has experienced good client experience satisfaction and and hunting success. The resort offers summer time outdoor activities such as trail rides, fishing guides, hiking trails and special occasion events like group get-a ways. It is open from snow out (May) through late October. You should get reservations early, since the Lodge has a strong repeat hunter clients. Trappers Lake Lodge and Resort 7700 Trappers Lake Road (an enclave into the northern Flat Tops Wilderness) Meeker, Colorado 81641 (907) 878-3336 http://www.trapperslake.com email - info@trapperslake.com This site is copyrighted. All rights are reserved, and the site may not be duplicated in print or electronically. Permission is granted to publish brief excerpts for reviews or educational purposes. Contact us above for more extensive rights waivers.