Book Description: The book is published in an 8.5 X 11 inch softbound format that permits the many color photographs to adequately portray some of the Flat Tops Wilderness' exceptional beauty and serenity; 174 pages with over 180 photographs, charts, drawings and maps. The author tried to present a complete package/manual for the basis of effective high altitude Colorado back-country big game hunting well away from roads - where the really great hunts begin. Introduction and Overview; This is a family acceptable book, because I wish to induce young children to become hunters. There are only rare images of dead animals as may be found in typical books and magazine articles which glorify “the kill”. Emphasis is on respecting and understanding nature for optimum enjoyment and for best harvesting success. This non-gore position may seem odd to media- guided new hunters, but surprisingly many experienced hunter readers agree with the idea of reverence and respect for the prey and the animals that provide their table bounty. They also appreciate hunting knowledge being subtly offered via stories examples rather than by lecturing in technical lingo. Synopsis by sections:The Flat Tops Wilderness; Types of Wilderness Hunting: Backpacking,Sherpa Service, Drop Camps, Guided Hunts, Outfitter Rules; High Altitude Clothing and Gear; Clothing Preparations for Success - How Elk See and Smell; High Altitude Sicknesses, Hazards, Environmental Risks - You Cannot Effectively Hunt if Unprepared, Sick, or Uncomfortable; Shooting Preparations; Vehicle Preparations - Preventable Problems Can Mar or Stop Your Hunt; Scouting for High Country Elk; Tracking Elk; Elk Hunting Tactics - Wilderness Elk Are Not Like Low Altitude Ranch Elk; Elk Habits, Routines, Behavior, Weather Reactions - Many Observations You Will Not See All in One Book - or Not See at All; Developing "The Proximity Feeling" for Game - When Subliminal Forest Clues Alert You Elk Are Present; Remote Field Dressing, Meat Transport, Home Butchering and Processing, Nutrition, Recipes; And Seventy-five Hunting Interesting Diary Stories to Educate and Build Confidence for Backcountry Hunting Adventures May you, your family and your friends enjoy have safe, comfortable, relaxing and successful wilderness hunts; Let's go hunting, ladies and gentlemen! Women can (and do) become excellent and happy hunters-adventurers !
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Elk Hunting Book Synopsis and Example Pages
Elk Hunting Book Synopsis
and Example Pages